Thursday, December 9, 2010

The Branch and the Missionaries

Haines has a small branch. There are less than 30 people on the rolls. Even less than that come to church. Caleb commented once on the fact that his primary class from home in Highland was bigger than the entire primary here in Haines. But although it is small, the people are great! It's like a home away from home. Kristen and I have both had opportunities to speak in sacrament meeting and teach lessons in Elders Quorum and Relief Society. I think they are happy to have some variety!
We have also had the chance to get to know the missionaries. We've taken advantage of opportunities to have them over for dinner. In fact, they spent one entire p-day with us. We ate lunch, then went fishing for a couple hours (which is legal for the missionaries to do), and then they came back over for dinner and some games. Our children loved them. Back home we never get the chance to have the missionaries over. It has been a great experience for our kids to get to know these wonderful young men, to feel the spirit of their messages, and to see a little more about what they do. Thanks, Elders. Your little time has made a huge impact!

The Haines branch meeting house

the little cabin on the right is where the Elders stayed

Joe and Judy Whitaker, who have become our good friends

Other branch members

Branch camp-out--celebrating the 24th of July

Elder Ivan and Caleb fishing the river

Elder Smoot & Elder Ivan


Brenda said...

HELLO from Cheyenne!!! We miss your family. Isn't the church great, we love our missionaries too! We Love taking every opportunity we can to have them over for dinner and to feel of the spirit. They were a great blessing to me when we first moved here and continue to be. Hope all is well!! The Olsens

The Reeses said...

Great to hear fro you Brenda. Glad to hear you are doing well!

The Reeses said...
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